Surf report from the weekend

Not really sure what is happening with time but it’s going quick, and it’s getting so dark now. To dark to surf in the morning and you have to be super quick to sneak in an after work surf in the week. We’re changing the clocks here in Sydney on Sunday so it will be better in the mornings for a bit. But we can really tell we’re going into winter over here. We had a few waves on Sunday, yours truly thought it looked to windy and crappy but had some fun once I got in. Anyways almost weekend again, we’re going north for a change, to Forster to cheer on Snoop in a triathlon and hopefully some waves and maybe some pies to, who knows!

The BB's going for a surf

We’re going to Kiwi land!

So we’ve been talking about Easter, if you play a bit with the public holidays here in Aus and take 3 days off it’s a 10 day road trip some where… And we’ve got tickets booked for New Zealand! I’ve never been before so I’m beyond excited! Also last night we found this company that rent’s the old school hippie vans so Pax booked one today.
Me – I’m practicing on my Kiwi accent – fush and chups bro!

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