Qantas how did you manage this?!

Got off the plane on Sunday night in Sydney and went to pick up our boards. Pax thought the board bag looked a bit dusty and it did have a few holes in it so we opened it up to have a peek. Just to find out both surf boards were snapped in half! How is it even possible? We’ve seen from the plane window when they offloaded our luggage placing the board bag sideways in the carriage with one part sticking out so they must have driven into something to small, smashing the part sticking out to break I reckon. Anyways we headed over to the Qantas service desk just to be met by a grumpy lady that just said that since it’s fragile baggage Qantas takes no responsibility and we’ve signed the waiver and so on.

I’ve traveled so much with surf boards on different airlines for the last few years and a ding or a dent yeah that’s fair enough – it happens, but both our boards snapped in half?! That’s just not cool especially coming from an Australian airline that you would assume would be used to handling surf boards. We’ve sent a complaint through to the Qantas baggage claims so let’s see what they say. ¬†On the bright side I’m glad it happened on the way back and I guess we need to shop for new boards now.




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