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From 30 degrees to 0 – a winter memo

When it’s good it’s good so I did what any sane surfista heading for the Northern parts of Europe would do. I surfed my poor little brains out and ended up with a cold from hell accompanied with sore neck and shoulders. So here I am, 30 degrees colder but I’m not leaving the house much anyways (not at all in fact), why would you when it’s 0 outside and you’re surfed out and sick as a dog. I’m busy eating all the good stuff you can’t find in a tiny tropical village and doing nothing and of course enjoying some holiday time with the family. Happy holidays everyone, let’s catch up in 2019 – I have big plans for us other than eating and being sick. Promise.

To the Snow

We went to the snow over the weekend, expression of the week – we’re going to the snow, you can simply say that because there’s just one place with snow! Being from Sweden and that people always think you’ve been skiing to school since before you could walk. Not the case with me, I’ve had sort of an attempt to snowboard a few years back, not that successful. But you know one forget so thought I’d give it a go again. Went alright I made it down that hill a couple of times without killing myself or anyone else (this is after spending most of the morning with my face in the snow). Day after every single bone in my body hurts!
/110% Beach Person