Take a look and make up your own mind

We live  in a fast paced world, with so much information about climate change & food, there are people saying this is right and some other people saying that is right, so it makes it hard to know what to think.

Here are two documentaries that has help me to think for myself. Watch them and make up you own mind. Some of you will love them and some will think its all !@#$%^&* but thats up to you..


Kelia Moniz surfs and whipe outs Teahupoo

So I’m in Perth for a few days and Pax is in Singapore for they day to sort out visas and stuffs. Perth is so freaking cold oh well I’m back in the tropics later this week so shouldn’t complain. And finally I got to watch this video of Kelia Moniz being towed in on her log in Teahupoo – gaaaah what a legend! My Indonesian internet provider decided to block this clip thinking it was unsuitable…

Here it is if you wan’t to watch it 🙂

Stephanie in the water – screening in Australia

The documentary on Stephanie Gilmore, five times world champion is finally screening in Australia next month, in Sydney on the 23 & 24th of October, have a look at the website for more dates. Steph won her first world title at the age of 17 and the director Ava Warbrick has followed her since her third world title win. I love Stephs surfing style and that she’s into her retro boards, there’s so many cool clips of her riding that single fin out there. Stoked to get to see this docu at the cinema next month 🙂

Fed Up the movie – We now have more people dying from obesity than malnutrition

I watched the documentary Fed Up last night, about how much sugar there’s in processed food today compared to 30 years ago. Most of our groceries comes from the fruit and veg section of the supermarket (I’ve been vegetarian since I was 15 and trying to stay away from dairy as much as possible these days) but still it’s so hard to avoid sugar – it’s everywhere and if something has a package there’s almost always some sugar hiding on the label in one way or the other.

In 1980, there were zero cases of childhood type 2 diabetes in the US. In 2010, there were 57,636. That is scary figures. More people die from obesity than malnutrition. It’s just sad to think about. One thing that I found specially shocking is the food served in the school cafeterias (again in the US) – it’s a 100% junk food with no nutritional value whatsoever. I really believe that food that was made in a factory aren’t that great to eat. Have a look for yourself.

180 South

So you have been working for the last few years wondering what to do next, buy a house? new car?
maybe use your 4 weeks holiday and take a trip?. It seems like we all live day to day to make money for what?. After watching with documentary (180 south) it come to me that its easy for us to make out lives complicated not so easy to simplify it. After watching this movie of a man doing one of his dreams and making his crazy city life nice and simple, I now know that what we need to do with our lives is to find more time to do the things we love. This movie will touch a place in your sole that needs to take the first step to finding some long awaited adventure. Next time you are looking for something to do on that boring day inside then its raining or just what to spark up your sole, go find this movie and start living you way 🙂 …