Stockholm, Sunshine & Art

Did another walk around Stockholm today on my way to a photography exhibition,  but the only difference from yesterday is the SUN is out, I’m told its not that common here in Stockholm .

Here a some photos from my walk to the amazing  photography exhibition that i’ll write about next, there are even some photos from inside the exhibition, so don’t go to far ..
the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--1 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--2 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--3 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--4 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--5 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--6 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--7 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--8 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--9 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--10 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--11 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--12 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--13 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--14 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--15 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--16 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--17

One thought on “Stockholm, Sunshine & Art”

  1. LOL, can’t help smiling about that weather comment. Stockholm is a beautiful city and they do have more sunshine than Göteborg.. I think. But Sweden overall has awful weather. If you plan outdoor activities it’s like begging for rain and whatever.
    Where did you go to get those panorama pictures of Gamla Stan and Slussen (at least it looks like it’s at Gamla Stan/Slussen)? They’re beautiful.

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