Photography Duty 101

Today I had the morning off, I have a cut on my foot and its not getting better by being in the water everyday. So i took the morning off and thought it would be nice to get some photos of sara surfing in the morning..  We just found out that RED BULL are going to start sponsoring us with our walk to the surf because its so extreme. Most mornings we leave in the dark and have to walk down the path thats full of dangerous obstacles, first its the crazy Dog then the Train that can come at anytime, if you can make all that way without getting hit, you have the most dangerous of all the ROAD. Its full of crazy buses that don’t stop for anything, they will pass on blind corners and ever get 3 buses wide on some parts of the road and thats with out a passing lane. Today Sara was the only one in the water for about an hour, so i got some great shoots before everyone come. It was just us and the fishermen living the early morning dream ..

the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-1 surf-bums-in-sri-lanka-living-the-dream-south-coast-blue-beach

One of the CRAZY buses —- HELP
the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-4 The local DoGG always happy to say hi…the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-5 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-6 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-7 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-8 Even the Pro’s take some falls !!the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-9 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-10 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-11 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-12 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-13 Sara and one of the fishermen, just chilling on the morning sun 🙂the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-14 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-15 Great start to the morning 🙂the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-16

South of South

What to do when the surf conditions around the corner won’t make the cut? We packed ourselves on the scooter (look mum – helmets) and headed for the south. We’ve got to know of a little beach down the road (1 or 2 hours away) called Blue beach, that had waves and was meant to be beautiful, so off on the hunt we went. Blue beach wasn’t our first stop we needed a long awaited FOOD stop HMMMMM  we love the food stops.. They don’t have a Pie shop but the have the next best thing the BREAD shop and everyone knows kiwis love bread! So after we loaded ourselves with food (bread) off we went to find Blue beach… It takes a good hour from Midigama to get there but it wasn’t a disappointment.. It was loaded with coconut trees and fun little waves to play on. The only bad thing about Blue beach is everything costs way to much so pack your lunch and lots of water.


surf-bums-in-sri-lanka-living-the-dream-south-coast-blue-beach-1-2Any decent road trip should start with a stop at the pie/roti/bread shop…

Team Norway and Germany is on the road to!


surf-bums-in-sri-lanka-living-the-dream-south-coast-blue-beach-1-3There’s so many spot’s around and so many breaks with pretty much empty lineups.

surf-bums-in-sri-lanka-living-the-dream-south-coast-blue-beach-8  surf-bums-in-sri-lanka-living-the-dream-south-coast-blue-beach-10Blue beach an hour south or so – beautiful little beach – even nice if you don’t surf just to spend the day swimming and chilling.

Happiest Man In Sri Lanka !!!

We have now been staying in Midigama (Sri Lanka) for about 6 weeks. Most days we run into a local dude, that has to be one of the most happiest people i have ever met. I don’t even know his name, but he always will stop to say hi, and talk about how good the day is. Him and his girlfriend who is just as nice, just got a new puppy and we see them walking him round the village, from time to time. The other day we where watching the sun go down and they turned up and we got some happy snaps of them … Next time i see then i will get there names but for now, I’m happy that we don’t need names to be friends 🙂

the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-3 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-4 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-6the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-1

Turtle’s on the loose

We meet a man yesterday who invited us to come and watch turtles being released back into the ocean. This local man keeps the eggs safe from fishermen trying to sell the eggs as food and other damage from boats or fishing nets on the beach. They keep the eggs until they’ve hatched and then when the newborn turtles are ready they’re getting a bucket ride down to the beach to be released. Seems like a really great initiative.

Tiny little turtle getting ready for the swim of his life.

surf-bums-in-sri-lanka-living-the-dream-set-the-turtles-free-3 No doubt about it these guys know where’re they are going.




Sri Lankan New Years 2015

We have been in Sri Lanka for the last month and the people here are so amazing, always friendly and with a smile on their face. Yesterday was the new years celebrations here and to top off how amazing these people are, they don’t go off drinking and start the year with a hang over. They spend it with their family having great food. The Sri Lankans give food to their neighbours and also give the people around the village food. We have been staying in a guest house here in Midigama and yesterday all the people we see and try to chit chat with (our Singhalese needs a bit of work) each day, when we are walking to the surf, came over and gave us food. We got cakes, sweets, fruits, and rice meals. It was like X-mas for us in the food department.. One of the other crazy traditions they have is that they set off fireworks but only the bangers, so you will be sitting there and it sounds like you are in a crazy WAR.  Its was 7:30 am and they must have set off about 1 million bangers in about 15 minuets. We where surfing and I could see all the birds flying around not knowing what was going on. I wish I could have gotten a photo of 1000’s off birds in the sky it looked amazing (but the birds might not have thought the same)….  All and all I had a great day and now I can start my new years resolutions again with out a hang over..


the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-1the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-27 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-14 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-13 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-8 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-4 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-2 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-7 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-17the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-19

The Norwegian Super Grom

Our Norwegian sister is the newest and keenest surfer out off all of us (except for when it comes to early morning surfs). So we’ve got a new nick name for her – the super grommet.

What’s a grom she asked?

Wikipedia says:
A grommet (grom) is a young participant in extreme sports. Originally, a grommet was a surfer under the age of 16. In recent years, this has expanded to include other extreme sports, most notably skateboarding and snowboarding.

The super grom has been surfing everyday for the last month and we have seen a massive improvement, even in that short time. Its been cool to see the endless motivation and real stoke, after every surf.. At this rate she will be on the Norwegian world surf tour by the end of the year.. Keep up the good work super grom, you keep us motivated too.  🙂
the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-3We’re off for sunset surf/hanging on the rocks 

the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-5The guys down the road for us was also heading out to.

the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-6 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-9And she’s off – gotta try to make the most of the last hour of light.

the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-10 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-11 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-12 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-16Heading for some golden waves.

the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-17 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-18Here she is – flying!

the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-22 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-23 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-24 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-25 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-26

Tropical thunderstorms in sleepy village…

We woke up to some heavy thunderstorms this morning with lightning shining up our bedroom. So we stayed in bed listening to the massive down pour outside – sending some gratitude to my warm and very cozy bed. It’s a slow morning here in Midigama – or as the king named it Nidigama which translates to sleepy village. The rain has kept the wind away so I think the waves might be clean but I feel so lazy to make my way out. Maybe another coffee and a game of yatzy first…

Photo credits to Julia from another day with the same weather 🙂

Hurry for the home made curry

At the Senya guest house they make there curry from start to finish & we had the opportunity to spend the day with Senerath the owner of Senya Guest house, to help him make his world famous curry.. The day starts with a trip to the local markets where he buys only fresh ingredients. We walk around looking at all the vegetables, but Senerath looks feels and moves on (without buying much) till he finds what he know is fresh, it all look good to me lucky I’m not the cook. We even have to go to other market because there no good mushroom at that market.  After a hour or two we are back from the shopping ready to start the preparation for the six currys he will be making that night. The preparation takes about 2-3 hours even with four of us (trying) helping him. We even make the coconut milk by shedding all the inside of the coconut & mixing it with water and other secret ingredients. Then its business time and we all just stand around like we know how to cook, but we are all just getting in the way i think, but Senerath is to nice to tell us to leave. Senerath says that cooking good curry is like science just the right amount of this and that (we all just look at him & nod like we cook good curry all the time :). But when its time to eat I for 1 know i can’t cook anything  with that much love and flavour, in the end we all eat way to much, but have the happiest bellys in all Sri Lanka..

sidewalk -5 sidewalk -4 sidewalk -7 sidewalk -8 sidewalk -10 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-2 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-1 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-6 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-7 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-11 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-10 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-9 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-12the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-13the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-16the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-17




There’s this guy in the surf…

There’s this guy in the surf that doesn’t talk to anyone. He won’t even smile back or look at me when I’m trying give a friendly good morning smile. He will just paddle straight past me like a dark shadow. We’ve shared the lineup just him, me and Pax several times but still no smile, no look, no nod, no nothing and I’ve been thinking he must really have some bad experiences with other people. Then if he doesn’t drop in on your waves he will back paddle you to sit deeper even if he’s just had a wave so no wonder. So by now everyone in the surf calls him Kamikaze. This morning another guy had enough of Kamikaze and they had a big fight in the water. There was to much bad energy in the water so I decided to opt out for breakfast. I guess that’s todays drama from the surf – now it’s coffee time.

Up your Kniffel Fred #$%*

We are now chilling on a little island called Sri Lanka in a cool little town called Midigama. We have made friends with some cool cats but one stands out a little from the rest, we’ll call him Mr FRED. Now mr Fred is a German (surprise surprise)  but he is not like any German you’ll met, he’s chilled doesn’t talk to much, only when he has something good to say (not like me talking all the time), but the best thing about our new friend Mr Fred, is he helped us fall in LOVE with Kniffel (Yahtzee). I have played this game as a kid and when i seen him playing it, i was like Boring!!!!, but after a game or 100 by now I  love it.. So i have to say a big thanks to fred for leaving it behind so we can keep playing. What would we do without Kniffel? S#@T we might have to talk to each other or clean my room, so thanks again Fred for being you !!!! 🙂


Help! I’ve got to much jack fruit on my hands!

Not to worry this is a tropical super fruit – it is considered so good and full with nutrients that if you’d for some reason want to cut one down here in Sri Lanka you actually need a permit from the government to do so. There is an old Sri Lankan saying that “with a jack fruit tree and a coconut tree in your back yard you will never starve”. We’re definitely not starving – we ate an amazing jack fruit curry for dinner the other night.

Tourist visa extension for Sri Lanka

Today we made the round trip to Colombo to extend our 30-day tourist visas, Sri Lanka is just treating us so good so we’ve decided to stay a while. We’ve heard that the process can take up to four hours, you have to be in before 11 AM or they won’t accept your application, the bus to Colombo will most likely be stuck in traffic for a few hours and the train is crowded to (if it will show up at all). Anyways me, Pax and our little miss Norway decided to get on the 6:37 AM express train for Colombo and this time we where allowed to buy tickets for the train (last time the guy at the counter was just saying no – train late) – for 210 RP each which translates to something like 2 AUD each after waking the ticket counter guy up from his morning nap things seemed promising. The train ride was easy, we all got seats, Pax made a new friend and three hours later we where in Colombo Fort. We hopped in a tuk tuk to the “Immigration Passport Office” which is at 41 Ananda Rajakaruna Mw, Colombo 10 – we paid 350Rp for a tuk tuk – you can take the bus but hey we thought we be tight on time.

You will need a passport photo for the application, if you don’t have one no stress you can get one on the bottom floor of the immigration building, the price there was better than on the street, 200 Rp for 4 photos. Anyways then we headed for the third floor where they do the visa extensions, when you enter the floor there’s a small unsigned reception just straight to your left, most likely overcrowded with people to. This is where you will need to get your application and we where also given a what seemed to be totally random magic number. So off to fill out the application (we could have printed and done this beforehand to save time) and then we where supposed to make our way over to room 2 or 4 to hand in the application.

This is where it gets interesting, standing in the line to room number two a man called us aside and asked us to wait. Hmmmm we where thinking because he just took off but eventually he returned and we got some special treatment and where shown in to meed a Assistant Controller. This guy was quite busy on his phone but manage to look at our passports and do some scribbles on our applications. After some comments about the cricket we where sent outside to wait for our magic number to appear at the payment processing counter (counter number five). This is where we waited a while but not to bad – magic 106 came up and we got to pick up our applications and passports and take them over to the actual Payment counter (counter number 6). The visa extension fee is based on your passport so for a Swede it is 25 USD, New Zealanders have to pay 37 USD and Norwegians 32 USD. Anyways we all paid and handed in our applications and passports again and where told to wait. Ten minutes later our magic number shows up and that was it – all done within less than two hours. So now we can stay two more months in Sri Lanka if we want to. There’s no difference in price for a one or two months extension so if you ask for two months that’s what you will get. Oh if only Australian Immigration where this easy…

This guy we met at the train station this morning and he was also on the same bus back from Colombo as us, so excited and intrigued by Pax’s tattooed leg.

FUN iN thE HoT hOT Hot SUN

What do ou do when it’s 45 outside and you can cook a egg on your head its so hot ???  You take the Gopro out for a swim,then take some fun photos to blog about when you get home (under the fan).. After about 20min you can feel the sun burning your skin so we where quick, but here are the photos from our outing 🙂 have a great day day and see you all soon with some new Photos..DCIM100GOPROG0292947. DCIM100GOPROG0182921. DCIM100GOPROG0122913. DCIM100GOPROG0032902.

Day off in Midigama

After 17 days straight in the surf the swell was a bit to messy this morning and the current looked just as strong as yesterday so we’ve been out and about in the village, just relaxing and playing a few games of Yatzy or as our German friends say Kniffel. My arms and shoulders are quite happy they got the day off to but seriously we’ve been so lucky with the waves so far – can’t remember if I had these many consecutive days of surfing ever?
the-sidewalk-secrets-surf-travel-blog-sri-lanka-midigama-3 Surf looks nice on the pic but it was fat, big, messy and a strong current on top of that the-sidewalk-secrets-surf-travel-blog-sri-lanka-midigama-2 the-sidewalk-secrets-surf-travel-blog-sri-lanka-midigama-1 Making new friends – as a tourist you’re every street dogs best friend – they follow you around anywhere.