Summer is in Crescent Head!

Was a long weekend for us since I had the Monday off and Pax usually doesn’t work Mondays so – Hello to you again Crescent Head! Crescent Head is a sleepy beach town five hours drive north from us (depending on traffic ;)), somewhere in the middle of us and the Gold Coast maybe. I’ve been there a few times before but this is the first time I actually surfed the main point. It’s been so overcrowded when we’ve been there before and there’s so many good options for uncrowded waves in the area but Saturday morning I had some super duper fun waves again (hello right hand point break I missed you). Then the swell and some stormy weather rolled in and made a big mess of the ocean so we resorted to the pub for pool, drinks and a few games of shit head.

the-sidewalk-secrets-pax-and-sara-in crescent-hed-nsw-australia-2149
Our on the road home.

the-sidewalk-secrets-pax-and-sara-in crescent-hed-nsw-australia-

the-sidewalk-secrets-pax-and-sara-in crescent-hed-nsw-australia-2151
Stopping in Forster on our way back to Sydney.

the-sidewalk-secrets-pax-and-sara-in crescent-hed-nsw-australia-2152
Cold pressed juice stop – so nice when you find some good food on the road.

the-sidewalk-secrets-pax-and-sara-in crescent-hed-nsw-australia-2155 Boomerang Beach outside Forster, we need to do some exploring around this area to.

the-sidewalk-secrets-pax-and-sara-in crescent-hed-nsw-australia-2157

180 South

So you have been working for the last few years wondering what to do next, buy a house? new car?
maybe use your 4 weeks holiday and take a trip?. It seems like we all live day to day to make money for what?. After watching with documentary (180 south) it come to me that its easy for us to make out lives complicated not so easy to simplify it. After watching this movie of a man doing one of his dreams and making his crazy city life nice and simple, I now know that what we need to do with our lives is to find more time to do the things we love. This movie will touch a place in your sole that needs to take the first step to finding some long awaited adventure. Next time you are looking for something to do on that boring day inside then its raining or just what to spark up your sole, go find this movie and start living you way 🙂 …