The Big Smoke – Stockholm

Today I went to the big smoke of Sweden, Stockholm and man it wasn’t a let down. Stockholm has to be one of the prettiest city I have seen. I knew it was going to be a great old european city, but it was next level.  I walk around for a bit until we ended up on this lookout that over looked the city, I was so amazed to see such a view.

One thing I found a little funny about the swedes is that they don’t say hi to each other, even if they are looking  right at each other (what the).. So for this crazy kiwi that says hi to everyone even if they are look the other way, I found a little weird. I think they thought i was a little crazy or on something, but a Kiwi got to do what a Kiwi got to do..

The photos of the people on the bike from the 1940’s was not from a ride in a time machine, it was (I’m guessing) some bike ride though the city and everyone dress up and rides bikes from that era.

The you know what blows my mind the most about Stockholm? Bands,  like real bands come to play there. When we where walking round the streets of Stockholm I’ve seen a poster or Tame Impala, thats so crazy that anyone come this far. (Just joking Sweden has lots of great music and bands).
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