Road/Boat Trip To Cinnamon Island

Well its day three out of the water and my foot is starting to get better (I hope).. What do you do when you know, you are not going to surf ? What else but learn how to make Cinnamon on an island in the middle of a lake Koggala (Thanks Sylvain for taking us with you). We all went to take a look around a lake about 15 minutes from Midigama called Lake Koggala, word on the street is you can ride a bike round it, so off we went to cheek it out. After we got there we found out that not the case (so the local dude told us, but you can get a boat round it for 2500 LKR each with me he said, hmmm thats $75 for  the 3 of us NO WAY).. We ended up on the other side of the bridge 300 meters away, and found a guy to the same trip for 2000 LKR or $20 for all of us not each, a much better deal. So of we went with our new captain to see all the great islands round the lake.. On the way out on the boat the Rain started and it looked like a storm was blowing in, not good for us but Lucky it passed after about 20 minutes.. Our stop was Cinnamon Island only one guess what they do in there, thats right make cinnamon. They showed us step by step how to make it witch was really cool. I never knew cinnamon is made from what looks like the bark from the tree. They cut the branches off the tree, then cut what looks like the bark off, it looks like a rolled up piece of paper when they are done. Then it needs to dry in the shade for 2 weeks. After  2 weeks it gets crashed,  put through a strainer then its ready for use..

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