Jet lag In Halmstad At 5am

After a 38 hour flight to Sweden from the land down under (Australia) there was one thing I needed more then anything else, that was SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP.  So after trying to stay up for as long as possible i finally went to sleep about 6pm,  after sleeping for a good 10-11 hours i was ready to start my european adventures . The only thing is it was 4:30 am, the thing is, everyone in europe is sleeping at that time, and won’t get out of bed till at last 10am. So what will a KIWI boy that likes to get up at sunrise do at 5am with jet lag and no friends??? He takes out his camera and takes some photos of Halmstad for the blog…
the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--2 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--3 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--4 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--5 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--6 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--7 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--8 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--9 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--10 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--11the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-surfing-sunset--1

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