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Some Swedish beauty

So after four months in Indonesia I’m back in Sweden for some catch ups and family time. Lucky me my hometown is right by the ocean with a small surf scene that never existed when I grew up here (or at least I never knew). But last night I got to enjoy some ocean time with one of my favourites. Pure Swedish bliss. I might have missed the summer here but they say September is the month for surf (before the ocean freezes :))

surfing-sweden-sandhamn-gurfers-surf-sunset-1  surfing-sweden-sandhamn-gurfers-surf-sunset-3

surfing-sweden-sandhamn-gurfers-surf-sunset-4  surfing-sweden-sandhamn-gurfers-surf-sunset-7

surfing-sweden-sandhamn-gurfers-surf-sunset-8 The old leach around the stairs trick got played on me.



surfing-sweden-sandhamn-gurfers-surf-sunset-13  surfing-sweden-sandhamn-gurfers-surf-sunset-15   surfing-sweden-sandhamn-gurfers-surf-sunset-18





surfing-sweden-sandhamn-gurfers-surf-sunset-27 surfing-sweden-sandhamn-gurfers-surf-sunset-29

Surfing With Sylvain

Over the last 8 days i have had to stay out of the water, thats right no surfing for me. I cut my foot & the salt water loves to stop it from healing up. So I had to take a long wait out of the water to let it heal. The good news is I got to do some yoga (try to do yoga alone Hmmmm) and take photos of everyone surf, witch I loved doing anyway so not that bad really. We had Sylvain staying with us at our guest house but I never got to surf with him till last night. It was his last night with us and I thought it would be nice to try out my foot and surf with our new friend.  Sara took the night off surfing and took control of the camera.  We had a great surf and Sara took some amazing photos of us <3 …
the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-4 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-5 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-6 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-7the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-1 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-8 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-9the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-1the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-2the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-3 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-10 the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-11the-sidewalk-secrets-travel-blog-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-mirissa-surfing-sunset-1