The Last Event for the Women’s Pro Tour – I love female surfing!

Did you watch it? I think I’ve said it before, I’m not a big sport fan at all. I’ve manage to surprise myself – I’ve been watching the asp women’s pro surf tour religiously this year! This morning I got back from my yoga class and was sitting down with my breekie just to find out that the event was back on and that Courtney Conolouge knocked out Stephanie Gilmore in the Quater finals and before I had time to finished my coffee Bianca Buitentag won over Sally Fitzgibbons in the third quarter final! The president of the Sally fan club on Croydon Street (me) felt a bit down but hey that left only Tyler Wright that could take the title from Stephanie Gilmore in a surf off (meaning Tyler would have to win the event) Ha ha it’s been such a nail biting morning and all the girls have been surfing so amazingly! Ah what an inspiration. So congratulations to Carissa Moore to the win and Steph to her sixth world title!


& me I just really want some small fun waves for the weekend 🙂


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