Sri Lankan New Years 2015

We have been in Sri Lanka for the last month and the people here are so amazing, always friendly and with a smile on their face. Yesterday was the new years celebrations here and to top off how amazing these people are, they don’t go off drinking and start the year with a hang over. They spend it with their family having great food. The Sri Lankans give food to their neighbours and also give the people around the village food. We have been staying in a guest house here in Midigama and yesterday all the people we see and try to chit chat with (our Singhalese needs a bit of work) each day, when we are walking to the surf, came over and gave us food. We got cakes, sweets, fruits, and rice meals. It was like X-mas for us in the food department.. One of the other crazy traditions they have is that they set off fireworks but only the bangers, so you will be sitting there and it sounds like you are in a crazy WAR.  Its was 7:30 am and they must have set off about 1 million bangers in about 15 minuets. We where surfing and I could see all the birds flying around not knowing what was going on. I wish I could have gotten a photo of 1000’s off birds in the sky it looked amazing (but the birds might not have thought the same)….  All and all I had a great day and now I can start my new years resolutions again with out a hang over..


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  1. I love your website guys. Really nice photos. I am so jealous. Really want to go. One more destination on my list.

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