My Human Family

36372_121957181180813_121956711180860_109275_6023093_nI have been cruising the roads of the world now for a while, and in this time I have meet so many amazing people. These people have been from all corners of this planet, some white (or pink after sun), black, some from the west and some from the east, some with long hair and some with none. Some can speak so many languages & some like me just one. I have meet people from all major religions and and some with no religion at all. With all the people I have meet over my travels 99.9% of them have been amazing people, that would help me out with whatever I needed, from watching out for me in the surf, sharing their food to giving me a place to stay for free with no alternate motive. Why do you i think they do this for some crazy kiwi boy they don’t really know?? I think it’s because when we take our ego out of it, it’s not them and us, it’s just us our human family looking out for each other, as they would like me to do if they come to my home town in need of a place to stay and food to eat. So next time you see someone that’s not from your neighborhood you should go say hi, you might have an amazing conversation, or make a friend, with you human brother of sister.. Just a thought that’s all xxUnknown-1

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