Hello from Arugam Bay

So finally we got our act together and made the move over to the East coast. Also known as the surfing mecka of Sri Lanka. In a small little fishing village called Arugam Bay is where it’s at.        surf-bums-in-sri-lanka-living-the-dream-arugam-bay-1Midigama still tried to keep us – giving us with two flat tyres on the way over. I didn’t really notice as was having a good snooze in the back of the van.

So today we’ve been on a tuk tuk tour trying to find some waves. First place we checked out was called peanut farm. It was like peanuts alright. I’d say the tuk tuk driver’s been talking the good waves up a bit…


So we’re checking out another flat spot… It’s still the beginning of the season here and not that much swell around so a lot of the spot’s are not working yet.
Main point in A-bay. Last night the guys had awesome waves. When I went down this morning it was 2ft of tiny mush closing out on the reef. Still 20 people out. The joys of a world famous surf spot I guess 🙂

Sceptical faces. Because we came back to check the waves two hours later…






2 thoughts on “Hello from Arugam Bay”

  1. Hi Guys, our surfboards wanna go to arugambay. can you tell us a nice cheap accomodation in or close to Abay/surfspot ? we are about take some trains and tuk tuks from colombo right now.

    might see you guys there!

    ps windguru says its flat there. Tell us Tell us…? !


    1. Hey guys, the forecast for Arugam Bay looked a little bit so so and I didn’t fall in love with the place so we jumped ships 🙂 Already in Indonesia but we stayed at the Surfers park in the beginning of the village. Hope you guys get some waves and hopefully we’ll catch you somewhere else 🙂

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