Who are the crazy cats that do this blog your asking?? The Sidewalk gang  is as follows, one Swede (Sara) age 207, and it is said that when she was born, she could already walk and talk, and by the age of 3 she had a job as a tuk tuk racer being the first female to race, and wining the would tour 13 times in a row. One crazy Kiwi (Pax) age 209 with a mental age of 7, legend has it that when we was born he lived in the jungle and was raised by wolfs (but we all know whats a bit of bull he can’t even talk wolf). We both now live on the road as full time surf bums and want to be bloggers for the next year or two. But really we are just 2 people lost in the world, hoping to inspire you to quit your jobs and do you own blog (so we can read it) or at least think about it… We are at this time 2015 on the road doing what we love, traveling and surfing close outs and doing  nose dives. We hope to find as many cool places and people as possible, and bring them to you in this blog. If you would like to know anything about where we have been,  like places to stay where to eat, send us an e-mail at  secrets@sidewalk.nu and we will be happy to help you out as much as we can…
Puss & Kram and heaps of aloha!

Take 2