Surfing Batu Karas – we’re back in Indo!

We’ve been in Indonesia for bit over a week now. Spent a few days in Bali eating to much good food and then decided to head over to Java.  So now we been in smallish fishing/resort village Batu Karas for a week or so. This place has such a nice vibe and feel to it, everyone is super duper friendly, the place is beautiful, the water is so clear, the food is oh so good – so here’s the catch… ther’s been no waves whatsoever since we got here pretty much, I think Sri Lanka spoiled us a bit with nice waves everyday. Yesterday there was some bumps around but that’s the day we picked to do our visa extension (of course) so no waves for us. Today finally we had some little bumps.





pax-sara-travel-surf-java-indonesia-batu-karas-surf-bum-4-2How good is it to surf on my front side 🙂




pax-sara-travel-surf-java-indonesia-batu-karas-surf-bum-3Pax rented a longboard trying to get on the small waves

pax-sara-travel-surf-java-indonesia-batu-karas-surf-bum-15Our Belgian friend got caught on a wave


pax-sara-travel-surf-java-indonesia-batu-karas-surf-bum-1-2Right right right


4 thoughts on “Surfing Batu Karas – we’re back in Indo!”

  1. Hello,
    surfing ..on the net.. I came across you blog. I am French and comnig to Batu Karas in July. Can you tell me where you are staying? Price to get a lesson beginners? (even tough YOU apparently don’t need it guys!) and maybe how much cost a board rental to practice!?

    Thanks for your help! Enjoy!


    1. Hi there Pauline, we’re staying right in front of the point at Legok Pari at BK Homestay for 200 000 Rups a night for the two of us, it’s a bit cheaper if you’re traveling solo I think. Board rentals are around 50 000 a day but I’m sure if you want to keep it for a few days you can get a discount. Not sure how much a lesson is but not that much. Hopefully we’ll see you in July 🙂 Cheers

  2. Hey I’m flying to Jakarta in a week or so time and was planning on getting a bus to batu karas. How easy is this to do? I was also wondering what kind of facilities are in the town.

    Many thanks


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