Miss Sara Beach Cruising in Cronulla

Sunset mission

I work in the city and I can think of quite a few things to do instead of standing way to close to random people on the train everyday.
But then this is where I live. Can’t really complain, just another ordinary Wednesday after work, cruising down to Oak Park in Cronulla for a swim and some photos.

Water rock pool cronulla

Sunset in Oak Park Cronulla

Sunset in oak park Cronulla

Sunset Oak Park from the Rock pool

Sunset time Cronulla


3 thoughts on “Sunset mission”

  1. Hi Sarah
    Cronulla RSL here. We love your pics of our favourite beach. In fact we love them so much we’d like to use one on the cover on our next club magazine and do a bit of a story on you and your blog. Can you send me an email with your contact details so we can have a chat?

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